Amahuaca People’s Documentary

In 2017 Fernando Valdivia led a film-making workshop at the Indigenous Cultural Center in the Amahuaca Community of Nuevo San Martin. During the workshop three generations of Amahuaca people came together toproduce their own film that focuses on traditions and memory. Christopher Hewlett, Alex Giraldo and Luisa Wagenschwanz supported the Amahuaca team as they developed the scenes, set up lighting and sound and filmed the documentary.

Watch Amahuaca people’s first full movie here.


This collaborative film project is affiliated with SHARE-Amazonica. The methodology of SHARE is to build collaborations with Indigenous Peoples, institutions, organizations, individuals and government ministries to enhance the quantity and quality of Amazonian Education in terms of what is available in the region, and what is shared about the region in Peru and beyond. Rather than focusing on an official agenda, creating a separate office and using money to cover the costs of running an organization, SHARE is run by volunteers who believe in their work and are dedicated to the ethics and methods of SHARE and its collaborators. We build collaborations to publish books and produce films that promote education and intercultural exchanges that address the concerns and desired futures of Indigenous people.